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Revolutionizing drops inside of drops one drop at a time. This blog is dedicated to the physics of microfluidics and double emulsions.
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Rigid Shells. Double emulsions are drops of one fluid suspended in a drop of a second fluid; in other words, drops inside of drops. They are used for transporting cargo, such as drugs or cosmetics. They are also used as templates for making new materials. For example, new spherical core-shell structures can be generated with microfluidics by adding nanoparticles to a volatile fluid that forms the outer drop. Once the template is made, the outer fluid evaporates leaving behind a compact shell of nanoparticles as shown in the images above. Here the shell is composed of silicon oxide nanoparticles and the interior drop is a bubble of nitrogen gas.  A deliberately cracked shell is seen in the scanning electron microscope image on the upper right; this crack was purposely made using a razor blade to show the rigid nature of the shells. (Image Credit: Esther Amstad et al.)

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