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Revolutionizing drops inside of drops one drop at a time. This blog is dedicated to the physics of microfluidics and double emulsions.
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Yin - Yang Single Emulsions.   Rupturing of two different drops at the orifice of a injection capillary during microfluidic production generates interesting yin-yang like -single emulsions as shown in the image above.  In these emulsions, the white fluid contains silicon oxide nanoparticles suspended in water and the black fluid contains ferromagnetic nanoparticles suspended in water. These single emulsions flow in an carrier fluid that is immiscible with the two aqueous phases of the emulsions. Single emulsions containing two different aqueous fluids and not distinct drops are a result of the close spacing of the inner channels of the dual-bore injection capillary.  (Image credit: L. L. A. Adams)

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