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Revolutionizing drops inside of drops one drop at a time. This blog is dedicated to the physics of microfluidics and double emulsions.
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Chiral Double Emulsions. Double emulsions with four different components are generated with microfluidics as are their isomers to form enantiomers. Pairs of stereoisomer emulsions that are enantiomers are mirror images of each other but they cannot be superimposed onto each other. Moreover, since the shape, size, and composition are control parameters that govern the properties of these structures and their subsequent self-assembly into larger aggregates, using microfluidics to tune these parameters facilitates a rich area of study of their bulk properties as well as their properties at the single emulsion level. For example, while the optical properties of chiral molecules have been extensively investigated and remarkably demonstrate the ability to rotate plane polarized light, no one knows how chiral double emulsions will interact with microwaves. (Image credit: L. L. A. Adams)

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